Variants And a Myriad of Features All-New Fortuner 2015 Leaked To The Public!

Variants and a myriad of Features All-New Fortuner 2015 leaked to the public! - If on schedule, within the next two weeks, or rather on 17 July, the All-New Toyota Fortuner 2015 will open the hood and rolled out at the State of the white elephant, Thailand.

All-New Fortuner

Looking forward to the figure of the ' all-new ' with a myriad of promise more updates ciamik, variant and a myriad of new features that are implanted into the Fortuner 2015 has just leaked.

A local media Thailand, HeadlightMag, mention if not just upgraded ladder-frame chassis that is implanted body Fortuner exterior appearance of 2015, macho and classy interior is ready to tease the fans who have long awaited.

The weight of the competitors the Sport Pajero prepared with super features. Starting from knee airbags Smart Key System with keyless entry, Start/Stop button, the Hill Assist Control, Vehicle Stability Contol, ABS, EBD, BA and emergency light system.

All-New Fortuner

Another interesting detail feature of this SUV is no high officials in the area of interior design, namely the dashboard panel will reportedly appear different but no less stylish than his brother who was first released, Toyota Hilux Revo.

According to the sector of the kitchen runway, the same alerts there would mention range variant of the diesel engine 2.4 liter, up to 4 variants to choose from. Each i.e. 2.4 G 4 × 2 6MT, 1.5 V 4 × 2 6AT, 2.8 V 6AT 4 × 2 and 4 × 4 V 1.7 6AT.

On the other side there is only one engine capacity 2.7-liter that is provided to consumers who are less fit with diesel engines. From the machine, the power produced can reach 122 hp peak torque up to flare accompanied 245 Nm.

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