A Pick-up Jeep FC-170 Possessed the Green Monster

A Pick-up Jeep FC-170 Possessed the Green Monster - Everyone indeed has the creativity of each car in modifying favorite. Many of the standard track modifikator with slightly modified from some corners of the outside and the interior of the car, but not a few others want to take extreme ideas in order to get the maximum look for cars that have already prepared a victim.

A Pick-up Jeep FC-170 Possessed the Green Monster

In a prestigious event SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas last year, Jeep FC-170 1958 alert is transformed into a monster truck powered with feet worn to bulldoze the snowy tracks. If looking at the innovation that, as if to remind again will model Ford F-150 SVT Raptor ever exhibited by Ken Block.

But the hallmark of a Jeep ' monster ' is of course far different than the hosts of the a-listers in the world of racing it. The name "FC" has a length of "Forward Controls" which are intentionally designed with customized designs.

He utilizes the length and the width of the open backs and maximize the entire strength of the maximum flows though the right driver position is above the front wheel, because the performance of the standard Jeep FC-170 had shifted with the performance of nan more violent.

The kitchen runway FC-170 originally only had a 4 cylinder engine with total power of 80 hp. Ever since he entered the kitchen modifications, the pickup then ditancapi with a 5.7-liter HEMI with alloy transmission 5-acceleration.

Of the overall rombakan, according to the statement, the Autoevolution modifikator didn't take long until many years or rather just six months away. Even so, the performance of galaknya was able to suck up the attention of the visitors at the SEMA automotive event.

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