VW Golf GTI Turbo Modifications

VW Golf GTI Turbo - VW Golf GTI Turbo Modifications - As a lover of automobiles, Samuel Rusly wanted a vehicle that has a qualified engine performance. To achieve this, the modification is a way out to upgrade the kitchen runway VW Golf GTI MK4 hers.

"I feel the standard engine Golf GTI 180 hp dikisaran that are still lacking to adrenaline. So I remove all jeroannya so that their performance is increasing, "explained interior designer.

VW Golf GTI Turbo

VW Golf GTI Turbo

Entrust workmanship on machine workshop Wisesa Motorsport, deployment of major concern turbo Samuel. Because of this, components can give the engine power surge high enough.

"Early buy turned out to be a car already wear standard K03 turbo. Then I replace the BorgWarner K04 so have a larger turbine. As it known turbo K04 turbo is the default standard Golf R, "he explained.

In order for performance my turbo works well, then Samuel did a turn with front mount intercooler. Where is located behind the bumper Oettinger that function gives the cooler air to the turbo.

"Unfortunately despite the incoming cooler air, but because of the size of the intercooler is too big, there is a bit of turbo lag," he said.

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After performing the setup of ECU by RS-Tuning, dyno test results of Golf in 2004 for Samuel was satisfactory. Torrent power boost 1.2 bar reaches 280 hp and torque of 360 Nm.

Raise the engine power is certainly not without consequences, one of which, namely the increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, dastek Unichip piggyback Type Q + fitted to produce fuel consumption range of 12 km per liter and 8 km per litre at a standstill.

VW Golf GTI Turbo

Besides the engine, Samuel undertook to modify the legs to get a steady handling. Spring sports kit fitted to a sporty race car crankcase. While in the interior, Recaro Sport seats expresses the concept of the desired Samuel. This is combined with a sunroof that gives an aura of elegance.


- BorgWarner-K04 Turbo
- Large Size Front Mount Intercooler
- Clutch by SPEC
- Flywheel by SPEC
- AEM Cold Air Intake
- APR R1 Diverter Valve
- Turbo Smart Boost Controler
- Denso IK27 Iridium
- Samco silicone hose
- Dastek unichip q +-
- Dastek turbo module
- Dastek throttle control
- 2.5 "Down pipe
- 2.5 "Straight pipe
- 2.5 "Muffler
- Oil catch tank
- Boost meters
- Turbo time
- OEM Recaro sport seats
- OEM Sunroof
- The Climatronic
-HID Xenon
- Oettinger front bumper,
- Eibach sportline spring kit,
- Koni sport yellow shock.
- 17 "BBS RXII 5x100 WolfsburgAchilles ATR 225/50/17.

Well that's the result of automotive information Modification VW Golf GTI Turbo that I can tell and hopefully useful.

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