Tips Prevent Drowsiness While Driving in the Fasting Month

Drowsiness While Driving - Tips Prevent Drowsiness While Driving in the Fasting Month - Ramadan briefly again greets the people of Islam in Indonesia. Changing diet and body condition that does not get the intake for a little over 2 hours sometimes create a feeling of weakness or drowsiness.

But during her fasting in the holy month, the public generally still do activities as usual. Muslims still run activity in full one is the drive to get to work or because of other affairs.

Drowsiness While Driving

In order to avoid the attacks of sleepiness due to lack of sleep or because a body limp kala driving, here there are a few ways to prevent drowsiness attacking Scorpion drive in the month of fasting.

1. Avoid heavy meals while Suhoor
In order to not feel drowsiness in the morning to the afternoon especially when driving, one of the initial steps when starting today is to not eat heavy foods with high levels of carbohydrates while Suhoor.

This is because the CARB to make the body working hard to process the substance so that the body easily tired and sleepy easily, too.

2. Create a schedule slept until the body enough rest
Changing sleep patterns caused by time of last meal in the morning is also sometimes referred to as source of drowsiness that came in during the day. Actually this can be overcome by changing the schedule of sleep each day with bed early so that the body still get time to sleep for 8 hours each day.

3. Take the ablutions kala start activity
The third step is easy can be done to prevent drowsiness kala drive is by taking the ablutions before gunning the vehicle. In addition to adding the reward of fasting, the water soaks the face also keeps you fresh start epoch.

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4. Take advantage of the hour break to close my eyes
What if later attacked in the afternoon drowsiness kala travel back home? Well, to overcome this problem You can use the hours of rest at the work place to briefly closed his eyes to be more fresh for the rest of the day.

By doing some of the above tips, drowsiness kala travel can be avoided so you can drive safely kala despite undergoing fasting in Ramadan.

That's a few tips that could prevent drowsiness while fasting, hopefully with this health info can be rewarding for all of us.

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