5 Strangest Car Design In The World

Car Design - 5 Strangest Car Design In The World - Since the 1880s-era, were found in a car with the engine burning oil is indeed growing up to now. No wonder when there are already hundreds of thousands of car variant issued to the market and circulate on the streets in many parts of the world.

Many of the legendary mass-production car, and so perhaps the current collector's items because of the design or the charming performance, but there are also several variants of the car which was released with a strange design to fail to shine in the market.

The following rows of cars with the most peculiar design ever circulated in the market as reported by The Richest.

Strangest Car Design In The World

1. Dream Car 123
One of the teraneh with the design of cars circulating in the streets is a Dream Car 123.

Car Design

Greg Zanis-made car is claimed to be the futuristic cars already carry the electric motor as the kitchen was.

Instead of making the car with an attractive design and aerodynamic, Zanis thus assemble cars with triangular designs that make Dream Car 123 aircraft look like aliens in the science fiction films of the era of the 1960s.

Electric car itself weighs about 3 tons and takes about 3.5 hours to charge the batteries as electric motor power suppliers.

2. Eclectic
Eclectic released to the market are intended as a breakthrough in the field of automotive with environmentally friendly concepts. By relying on solar panels, this car can move with an electric motor which is supplied from the tool that can turn sunlight into electricity.

Car Design

Unfortunately, this behavior is not an Eclectic cars on the market even though it claimed to be environment-friendly. Probably one of the factors in the failure of this car on the market is its design that looks more like a chariot in the era of the Kingdom than a car of the future.

3. Dodge Deora 1967
An idea to brainstorm a pick-up car with sporty style could be the beginning of the birth of the Dodge Deora in 1967.
Car Design

Dodge Deora himself finally comes with open backs with spacious size but also with dimensions that are not too high up to similar to muscle car produced.

However, the combination of sporty pick-up idea could not walk after the plan because the overall design thus making it not unsightly. Is the Alexander brothers was responsible for the tercetusnya of this car. Fortunately, a row of officers of the Dodge decided to not produce these cars en masse.

4. Ferrari (Pininfarina) 512 S Modulo 1970
Ferrari, if heard the name of the manufacturer with this jingkrak horse symbol, perhaps the first time it struck is super cars with exotic design that has been dilepasnya to the market starting from the Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italy, until Ferrari La Ferrari. But did you know if Ferrari ever released one car that has a design not unsightly?

Car Design

Yes, Ferrari cars (Pininfarina) Ferrari 512 S Modulo artificial 1970 could possibly be original manufacturer's ink bad for Italy. Ferrari (Pininfarina) 512 S Modulo is itself the work of Paolo Martin. Focus on speed and aerodynamics, the Ferrari sector (Pininfarina) 512 S Modulo 1970 present this as one of the fastest cars in his time. But the consequence was a strange design and will not be comfortable if used daily.

5. Brooke Swan Car
Maybe if you see a car Broke this Swan Swan-shaped Car, some people would consider it beautiful. But if you understand the price of different themes, then you would think otherwise. A car with a design that is suitable for this parade has the same price with luxury sedan Rolls-Royce.

Car Design

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Price could not be embodied in engine performance a reliable or sufficient safety features but instead ran into all-round gold accessories tacked on bodinya. Certainly with the price reaching billions of rupiah, Brooke Swan Car would be on the list of the last car you will buy.

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