Learn the Dangers of Sulphur Content in Diesel Fuel

Sulphur Content - Learn the Dangers of Sulphur Content in Diesel Fuel - The development of diesel engines at this time is indeed quite rapidly. Sophisticated technology that is applied is able to ward off the presumption tilted about classical problems, such as slow, underpowered machine, until the "gather".

Sulphur Content

Sulphur Content

However there are things to be aware of for the owners of diesel cars. The main concern could be focused on treatment against the influence of external factors to keep can keep the health care that affects many aspects of the machine.

External factors here means the intake of fuel oil (BMM) aka solar use. As diesel fuel, diesel has a sulphur content or more often called sulfur. "The quality of our solar in Indonesia is still not good, so it must be diligent-diligently cared for," explained Wie Wie Rianto, Protechnik Firna workshop.

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Brimstone is certain there are ditiap different types of solar, just simply applied is different-different, usually seen from around per liter respectively. In the world of petroleum, solar quality differentiated through the levels of cetane. This later became the cetane number of a benchmark level of solar fuels in diesel engines. The greater the quality of the actual tingkatanya makin good.

The sulfur into the main ' enemy ' of the diesel engine, why? Because of the higher content in diesel will be fishing levels of excess acid. This situation resulted in damage to the engine components, ranging from the crust, to the fuel lines.

Illustration of Diesel engines Diesel Users Crust in the fuel lines can affect the supply of diesel fuel which flowed into the cylinder, direct effects affect engine performance, starting from the decline in power until the damage is more serious. This is where the term early burning or ' knocking ' going on that could lead to the engine mengelitik.

The effect due to the high level of sulfur in diesel fuel does not stop on the damages of the vehicle only. In terms of air pollution, combustion of residual gas engine when mixed with air to form sulfur dioxide (SO2). When SO2 is mixed with water vapor will occur the harmful acid arrangement for the body.

Well, with this automotive information is worth diesl engine users start considering intake of FUEL consumption of diesel fuel that is used. Apart from that there is already a separate advice from the manufacturer regarding the use of the fuel fitting and appropriate technology is applied to the vehicle.

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