Suzuki Jimny Look Like Pick Up

Suzuki Jimny Look Like Pick Up - Its existence as one of the legends in the SUV segment in the minds of the offroad enthusiast can hardly replaceable. No wonder if it's still a lot of fans who waited for the current generation Suzuki Jimny figure so soon plunge into stock four wheel.

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny
Wanted mengkreasikan existed from a very tiny nan Jimny brought designers from Theophilus Chin get inspiration to clothe the jawara offroad style with a pick up in a computer rendering of the sort.

Seen from the outside appearance is quite simple. The front-end shape is maintained as the original version, while the back part of the body is cut as the tub chassis, and pick up some parts made slightly elongated added a series of panel composition body.
Suzuki Jimny

In the unlikely event of a virtual design dimension Jimny pick up is realized, the greater will be the likelihood of the dimensions of Toyota Hilux or the Strada Triton. But with the concept and the idiosyncrasies of a very thick, sure he could have made the choice of friends while adventure later.

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