All-New MX-5 start sent outside Japan

All-New MX-5 start sent outside Japan - Compact sports car All-New Mazda MX-5 has landed in the United States (us). The unit is sent from only one plant in Hiroshima, Japan. Hundreds of units will be transported using vessel Phoenix Leader and now was waiting in the port of San Diego for distributed to dealer-dealer.

All-New MX-5 start sent outside Japan

Most of the unit version of the Launch Edition, of the photographs can be seen most colored typical All-New Mazda MX-5, the Red Soul. Mazda makes only 1,000 units Launch Edition. All-New MX-5 was mendebut at the Paris Motor Show, the first production in Japan began in March.

Mazda Motor Corporation
Prime unit Mazda MX-5 out production lines in factory Ujina in Hiroshima, Japan.
"MX-5 Launch Edition will give fans the opportunity to have one of the first, very exclusive MX-5 2016 in the u.s.," said James O'Sullivan, President and CEO of Mazda North American Operations like Leftlanenews reported.

In the u.s., the MX-5 was sold the following us dollar 25.735 shipping cost 820 us dollars. Its specifications is not much different than the domestic version of Japan, using a 4-cylinder engine 2.0 powered Skyactiv 155 tk and torque 200 Nm. language design wear body Design Kodo and made more lightly than the previous generation of 75 kg.

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