Yamaha Motorcycle Trail YZ-F Latest

Yamaha Motorcycle - Yamaha Motorcycle Trail YZ-F Latest - Yamaha Motor Corporation officially launched the latest generation of Yamaha YZ250F in United States (us). Removable motor trail with a number of revisions in various aspects.

One of them, as the quote from the Transworld Motocross is located on new piston which allows cooling and a more stable engine performance and minimize vibration.

In addition, changes in the clutch hub and shift-stopper arm also makes more clutch is smooth and precise. The settings of the engine control unit or ECU which have recently made the transition more smoothly. In addition, new front and rear suspension also refine the motorcycle at the time of sudden shocks and more balanced.

Yamaha Motorcycle

Yamaha Motorcycle

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On the source of power, the YZF250F implanted machine liquid-cooled single cylinder 4 not the capacity of 250 cc engine it will be juxtaposed constant mesh transmission 5-acceleration. Unfortunately, Yamaha has not released how much maximum power and torque of the motor.

According to the same source, Yamaha YZ250F will be present at the dealer-dealer U.S. slowest July later. There is no mention to any country motor trail will be exported.

2016 YZ250F will be included in two color choices, Team Yamaha Blue/White as well as Limited-Edition 60th Anniversary Yellow. In The United States. YZ250F blue or white dibanderol will be priced at US $ 7.590 or Rp 101,4 million (exchange rate: us $ 13.372/US $), while yellow is valued at US $ 7.690 or around Rp1-2 million.

In Indonesia, Yamaha has ever purchased the motor trail YZ, but these products are not sold to mass and is used only for the Yamaha team competition. Even so, early last month that Japan presents the origin of the manufacturer of the motor trail named WR250R built with inspiration from the YZ-f.

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