2 Things to Know When Modifications to Motorcycles

Motorcycles Modifications - 2 Things to Know When Modifications to Motorcycles -  Many ways to appear different from favorite mounts, one of them by way of modification. There are only modify on the machine, but there are also modifying the display.

Of course, to do the modification need to prepare budgets and special time for work. Moreover, when the level of difficulty is high then it will take a while and budget also grew.

Motorcycles Modifications

Motorcycles Modifications

One of the modifications made by the workshop Newspeed Garage-themed Street, for example, Cub cost about Rp 10-20 million to have the Honda Super Cub looking macho. Zainal Abidin Mahmud explained, the owner of the Garage, workmanship Newspeed modification street cub takes between 1-2 months.

And costs are relatively expensive and quite a long work time then any modifications will result as you wish. This is because the order carefully executed modifikator and not in a hurry.

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Another case with modifications made by the students of SMK N 8 Bandung while receiving a challenge from a Top manufacturer of lubrication 1. The Teens-Teens creative it just takes about 15 days to conjure up a Honda CB 400 into a stylish cafe racer motorcycles.

Queuing workmanship such modifications because of the number of students who manage quite a lot, i.e. a number of 15 people. In addition, all of the material as well as the idea of the concept has been prepared by a team of Top 1.

Well up here first automotive news this time, hopefully on the other time I could give back infromasi-useful information about automotive world.

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