How to Replace a safe Motorcycle Shocks

Motorcycle Shocks - How to Replace a safe Motorcycle Shocks - When the motorcycle is noticeably swaying, and then all of a sudden "throw away" to the right or left when passing the road "curls", a line of Tasers, or hole, mark Shocks no longer healthy. It is these symptoms that require user replace the motorcycle suspension system.

When you replace it with the original suspension, no special things to note, because of the size and type of  Motorcycle Shocks guaranteed the same. The problem will arise when the replacement aftermarket stuff is Shocks.

Motorcycle Shocks

Motorcycle Shocks

"The obvious difference (between the original and aftermarket suspension). Height is not the same, also bounce. Much could change, but more comfortable or not depending on the size chosen, "sambar Rusmanto, mechanical shop Motorcycle accessories two brothers in the area of Cipinang, East Jakarta.

There are some steps that should be taken into account if replacing Shocks. The following guide:

1. buy Shocks replacement that fits the size (length) of the original. We recommend that you buy the original spare parts. But if any preferred model and performance aftermarket products, try to have the same size for easy pemamasangan and does not make the motorcycle so unbalanced.

2. If buy Shocks the former, check carefully. Check if there are former reissue Shocks welding, painting, bolt hole down, Peel and tensile-press does function normally.

3. when assembled, measure the desired height. Shocks in general there height settings at once a distance of swirls per. Don't be too high because the motor will be unbalanced.

4. For motorcycle matic, the level of difficulty is greater. Shocks replacement should really exactly the same size. Different size resulted in capsizes if used hand in and encountered a bumpy road.

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5. motorcycle modifications, To measure the degree of slope of the fitting and the distance between the base of the bottom of the suspension with the tip of the arm swing. This size depends on the concept of the modifications made.

6. Try it after installed. In case of strange symptoms after replacing Shocks, meaning you should seek more suspension according to the specifications.

That's some tips or how to change the Shocks a safe, okay The first Automotive news I can tell may be useful.

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