Suzuki Escudo Modified So The Sports Car That Got 6 Tires

Suzuki Escudo - Suzuki Escudo Modified So The Sports Car That Got 6 Tires - When looking at photos of the car above, what's on your mind? Whether it is essentially a modified saloon cars like that, or is there more? Your answer is definitely no, because basis of these cars is the Suzuki Escudo.

"It's a 2000 Escudo us modification into a car like this. We join the contest in the extreme, "said Dody Yustiadi, one of the owners of the car talking with car modifications at detikOto Hot Import Night (HIN) 2015 in Bogor, West Java.

Suzuki Escudo

Suzuki Escudo

1. The concept of
According to Dody, the owner of this car is the younger brother named Muhammad Yori origin of Soweto. Because his sister couldn't come, so he came to represent the city of Rain with friends in Freedom Community.

He explains, the Escudo in 2000 was brought to the famous Lamborghini in Yogyakarta, butterflies of the night and made into a car with extreme concept.

The process is fairly time-consuming process i.e. 2 months. But for that incredible results, time spent can be paid off in full.

2. Exterior
The striking design of the exterior is a machine that stands out in the future. It turned out to be made intentionally to make it look different from the other extreme themes, or customize.

Many unusual if you see this car in the exterior, the second is the number of tires that are no longer even numbered 4, 6. 2 tires on the front, and 4 tires at the rear.

Suzuki Escudo

"This car is actually from the us does not have a nickname, but the workshop (Kupu Kupu night) said this is car SixShooter," he said while laughing.

For specification of the exterior part, among others, custom bodywork, motorised 4 points, custom headlamp stoplamp, custom, custom wings, Android Controler and airbrush graphic.

While for the undercarriage, custom chassis, universal 6pts water airsuspension, EPS 6 wheels steering control, the race GT 4pot front brakes rottor 380 mm brake GT race was a mild 4pot rottor 338 mm, WP pro 4pot rear brake rottor 338 mm.

Front tire size 8.5, rear 10-10 RRS forger 5x112 with the front tyres Accelera (225/35 R20) and rear 245/35 R20.

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3. Interior
Get into the bed also had no feel of the Escudo. Everything is completely overhauled by using full custom interior from Murano, Custom Dashboards, custom dortrim, custom RPM meter autogauge, consul, autogauge watter autogauge oil temp, temp, oil press and autogauge tacho indicator viair.

Suzuki Escudo

While for audio use Mono Block power Venom X Series v1800 XD 1pc, power Venom 4ch X Series v480x 1 pc, power Monoblock Silver VD 2600sii 1 pc, 12 inch Subwoofer Venom Diablo 2 PCs, 2 PCs 1012w vx Subwoofer, Capasitor vc2, o f 1 pc, speakers Split Turbo vx03 to 2 Coaxial Speaker set, Turbo vx03, head unit Sonny Xav-60 1 pc 4.3 inch TV, 2 PCs.

4. Machine
When looking at the engine alone is very very. How not, the engine was placed outside the front of it.

For its custom cosmetic, holset turbo 60 AR, intercooler radiator, 2 PLY Altech, Blow off HKS SQV III G176, Wesgate Turbosmart 38 mm fuel press regulator, tomei, the Safe Thermo Radiator Cap D1 Spec, Samco Silicone Hose and HKS, K N Air Filter, Exhaust Manifold & Handmade, Mufler Remus and Bosch High Presure Fuel Pump.

Okay the automotive Information this time, may be useful and see you.

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