Prestige Presents BMW i8

BMW i8 - Prestige Presents BMW i8 - Is a Prestige Image Motorcars as general importer purchased the hybrid cars to Indonesia to enjoy bird lovers there.

"We are presenting the BMW i8 to Indonesia because of the magnitude of interest in the market will see hybrid cars," obviously Rudy Salim, President Director of Prestige Image Motorcars.

BMW i8 itself uses two power as the propulsion battery i.e. 7.1 kWh lithium-ion 3-cylinder turbodiesel engine and. In smart technology embedded is able to choose appropriate power usage needs a rider.

Prestige Presents BMW i8

Rudy reveals to the use of battery power is able to traverse a distance of only about 50 kilometers. However, thanks to the presence of conventional engines with a capacity of 24 litres of fuel, the car could be sped up to a distance of 700 kilometers.

"The mileage can be increased thanks to the technology of charging through the brakes," he explained.

Prestige Presents BMW i8
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For the price, Prestige Motorcars BMW i8 membanderol Image is priced at US $ 310 thousand or Rp 4,137 billion with the status off the road.

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