The Unique Moment When 15 LaFerrari Gather in Italy

The unique moment When 15 LaFerrari gather in Italy - Find a unit Ferrari LaFerrari can be very difficult, because the greatest supercar symbol "horse" is indeed limited, produced only 499 units for the whole world. But there's a unique opportunity in Italy when the Ferrari Cavalacade 2015 held on 25 – 30 June, 15 LaFerrari meet in one shot.

In fact, the owners LaFerrari only hard to find other cars around. The circulation of this hybrid-tech performance car arranged by Ferrari, the owner must meet various conditions of ownership.

This year's cavalcade is held for the fourth time, each year this special event was indeed made to bring consumers the choice to experience a walk in the country of origin of the Ferrari, Italy. More than 100 owners of Ferrari and his car coming, from effeNovanta uploaded a video last weekend recorded 15 unit LaFerrari prepare adrenaline at Vallelunga circuit.

One unit has a LaFerrari V12 engine-powered 6.3 789 kindergartens and torque of 700 Nm 161-power electric motor assisted TK. when all 15 LaFerrari power combined, mean there are potential 14.250 kindergarten along the path.

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In addition to LaFerrari, there is also the only model F12 TRS, the latest model 488 GTB, 599 GTO, 575 Superamerica, and many 458 Speciale Berlinetta nature, and F12, California T. Want to see action on the owner LaFerrari when gathered? Check out the following video -

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