Great Datsun Go Rally at the Racecourse

Great Datsun Go Rally at the Racecourse - In the course of joint vacation winner Datsun GO Xplore Digital Your Style Contest to South Africa, also invited to witness the extent of the Datsun Rally Go. This car is the result of the modification of the 30 volunteers elected to utilize the Nissan facilities Center Techical Centre in Japan in six months.

Great Datsun Go Rally at the Racecourse

As a result, Datsun Go which is known by the term "cheap car" wear off. This compact car is successfully transforming themselves into a formidable figure in the Racecourse. The concept of this modification makes the successful Datsun Go so a tough rally car racing.

From our first encounter at Gerotek test circuits, Pretoria, South Africa, Thursday (2/1/2015), Datsun Go Rally seen ciamik, passing game graphics on the whole bodinya in the dominance of the screen blue, red, and white. Enkei rims 16 inch berkelir white with disc brake caliper from the wide and Endless adds a sporty aura so the more viscous.

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Already dielngkapi roll cage and safety belt standard 4 point racing.

Sustainer of the body harness suspension from Ohlins adjustable levels of violence and in height. A touch of sweet is also done by utilizing the official spoiler factory default package, making the Datsun seen remain sketchy.

Official data Datsun, mention if these global car has also been getting a touch of the strengthening of the structure of the body, including an extra roll cage. Exhaust header and uses mentioned if the engine HE12DE has also experience increased energy. Transmission ratio also was shortened so that it is more responsive.

Inside, a pair of "bucket" seats from Recaro-style steering wheel, Deep Cone, and four-point safety belt, so car a complement reliini.

Great Datsun Go Rally at the Racecourse

In this occasion, Datsun Indonesia also invites winners of the Datsun GO Xplore Digital Your Style Contest and three journalists for a taste sensation. Sitting on the bench alongside professional racers Jacks Jacobs, we are challenged to feel directly at Gerotek test path specifically for the rally car.

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