VW Employee Were Killed "Eaten" Robot

VW Employee Were Killed "Eaten" Robot - The gruesome incident occurred in the Volkswagen assembly plant, located in Kassel, Germany. A VW workers reportedly killed because the robot car manufacturers dragged up to then was squeezed by steel plate.

VW Employee Were Killed "Eaten" Robot
The 22-year-old employee from being located in the robot to do its work preparing the parts to be fitted. But, all of a sudden the robot Assembly machine that pulls his hand and pushing it down to the steel plate.

As reported the Associated Press, the direct employee of nahash died from injuries he suffered. VW'S own party did not release the names of the officers who were killed because of this accident.

Original manufacturer's spokespersons say Germany, the robot assemblers were programmed specifically to work with the limited provisions. VW believed the incident was caused due to human error.

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VW did indeed use some light to work on robot production line side by side with humans. This type of robot that killed the employee is usually stored in a special place. Unfortunately, the man was working inside the "cage" the robots of death until then struck and killed - Autonews99.blogspot.com.

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