BMW i8 Destroy Journalists

BMW i8 Destroy journalists - Mexico is a country known for its extreme narcotics cartels. Regardless of that, Mexico had potential for the automotive industry which is quite good, with some of the world's automotive manufacturers berinvestasinya in the land of the Sombrero.

This time we are not discussing about who the Middle start investing in Mexico, but rather about the accident that befell the hybrid sports car BMW i8 plug-in. Ironically, this accident i8 while being tested by automotive journalists Mexico.

BMW i8 Destroy Journalists
As reported by the Wrecked Exotics, on the photo looks the i8 already are in position upside down. There were no fatalities in this crash, a journalist who drove the i8 it also suffered no serious injury.

Is not yet known what the cause of the crash, just mentioned that losing control of the journalist while driving the i8 at high speed. I8 does indeed drive a must have skill capable drive.

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BMW i8 armed 1.5 liter engine, three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo and the electric motor. Total output reached 362 tk, capable of carrying a car moving 100 positions from kpj dwell in just 4.4 seconds.

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